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6 Hydrating Masks For Luminous and Supple Skin

The dread of ‘winter skin’ is real and while a good moisturiser will do plenty, a hydration mask shouldn’t be overlooked. From years of trial and error (and trying just about every moisturiser out there) we’ve come to realise that nothing will keep your skin looking soft and radiant like a moisture mask.

Slapp Top 6 Hydrating Face Masks - Luka KNC

From overnight Korean sleeping packs, (which have completely changed the game) to high-tech sheet masks; we picked six masks to keep your skin supple, smooth and hydrated.

Huxley - Good Night Sleep Mask

Slapp Top 6 Hydrating Face Masks - Huxley

A “sleep mask” isn’t a sheet mask, exactly, but a light, concentrated moisturiser you pat on before bed - and of course, it’s big in Korea. This one, from the buzzy Korean brand Huxley, relies on prickly-pear-seed oil from the Sahara Desert – an anti-inflammatory, brightening hydrator, as its base. Following your nighttime routine, simply pat this on and wake up with skin renewed.

Avène - Soothing Moisture Mask

Slapp Top 6 Hydrating Face Masks

Let’s face it, masking takes effort, so why not kill two birds with one stone and use a mask that you can also leave on as a moisturiser. This one from Avène is perfect for those who are as busy as their skin is dry: it’s designed to fully absorb and requires no rinsing; simply wipe off the excess when you're done masking and go about your previously scheduled activities.

Glossier - Moisturizing Moon Mask

Slapp Top 6 Hydrating Face Masks - Glossier

Suqqu - Stretch Sheet Masks

Slapp Top 6 Hydrating Face Masks - Suqqu

There are so many great and affordable sheet masks to choose from, but if you’re feeling really fancy and want to hedge your bets on something that works - this Suqqu Stretch Mask is for you. Deeply conditioning, it will instantly hydrate and soothe irritated skin.

Dr. Dennis Gross - Hyaluronic Marine Hydrating Modeling Mask

Slapp Top 6 Hydrating Face Masks - Dr dennis Gross

This two-step treatment from Dr. Dennis Gross is designed to give you a salon standard facial at home. Developed with hydrating ingredients - like hyaluronic acid to better penetrate the skin, this mask was made for tired, thirsty faces.

KNC - Star Eye Mask

Slapp Top 6 Hydrating Face Masks - KNC

The struggle for a cure for dark, or puffy eyes continues. A surefire way of tackling under eye issues, is hydration. For this we turn to the cutest of sheet masks, courtesy of Kristen Noel Crawley’s KNC. The second product from this cult brand, is an all-natural retinol and gold infused eye mask, that looks cute in a photo.

We love this Glossier Moisturizing Moon mask for every day. It’s known for speeding the healing of sunburns, but this soothing and hydrating mask, is just as good for calming dry, winter skin. Like your thickest, most hydrating moisturiser on steroids, it will instantly get rid of any dry patches. Try stashing it in the fridge for an extra cooling effect.

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