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Slapp Chat with Makeup Artist Mollie Gloss

If clean, glowy skin and a statement eye is your thing, then you’re going to want to give makeup artist Mollie Gloss a follow.

We’re in awe of how she manages to consistently strike a balance between natural and daring. Her feed is full of looks that juxtapose barely-there makeup with a stop-you-in-your-tracks pops of colour.

Slapp chat Mollie gloss

We got chatting with Mollie, to talk all-star products, how she got in the industry and her pro tips for aspiring MUAs and beauty novices alike.

When did you first become interested in beauty?

I think, like a lot of people, my first memories of beauty were in my mother’s bathroom. She loved berry coloured lipsticks and rougey blush. That, and David Bowie’s eyeshadow in The Labyrinth.

Slapp chat mollie gloss

What were your first jobs in the beauty industry?

I started working on the retail side of the makeup industry… Sephora, the Nars counter, and then at Barney’s for a few years. Working retail was gruelling, but gave me so much training on product and it helped me build my kit. I saw every kind of skin type and tone - I always recommend the retail side as a great place to start for young artists who want to break into the industry.

Slapp Chat Mollie Gloss

Are you picky about what brands you work with, how do you choose what projects to work on?

I try to work with brands that believe in the same things that I do - particularly making sure they have shade ranges for all skin tones; they care about what footprint they’re leaving on the planet; and they don’t have a narrow view of what beauty is or means. I think it’s also important to partner with brands that have an aesthetic vision that works with yours, and that the project makes sense for your greater goals! For me, that often means working with brands that are all about transparency with their customers and making things accessible for everyone. Of course I love luxury items too, but beauty shouldn’t be an exclusive idea!

Slapp Chat Mollie Gloss

What's your favourite part of the job?

I couldn’t lie and say that the finished product wasn’t my favourite part. It’s pretty magical when all the styling is complete and seeing the final photos, or film. I also love the incredible artists and people I get to meet and work with! Everything is so collaborative, and it’s amazing to do that with friends and inspirations.

Slapp Chat Mollie Gloss

Who are some of your favorite makeup artists that you follow: Isamaya FfrenchKabukiBea Sweet, Raisa Flowers, Chao-Li, and Sofie Petersen

Slapp Chat Mollie Gloss

Do you have any advice for starting MUAs?

Yes! The most important things to understand when you’re starting to work on sets are going to be: lighting, camera framing, and time management. You need to be quick and efficient, and always flexible to the changes of the day. Have a fully prepared kit, which doesn’t just stop at makeup.

Slapp Chat Mollie Gloss

Biggest beauty pet peeve?

Right now, carved out brows with highlighting concealer that’s far too light.

Slapp Chat Mollie Gloss

Top 5 products that you always have in your kit: 

First Aid Beauty Coconut Smoothing PrimerCoverFX Blur Primer, Glossier Cloud Paint, Tarte Tarteist Clay Liner, and Essence clear lip gloss.

Slapp Chat Mollie Gloss

Slapp Chat Mollie Gloss

Follow Mollie: @Molliegloss

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