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5 Concealers to Covet

Concealer: the low key hero of our makeup bags and the thing we pretend is all we have on. Thanks to innovative formulas, extended shade ranges and an array of new school wands, Concealer is quietly coming for Foundation's crown.

Whether you slather yours under the eye to cover dark circles, or use little here and there to spot conceal, there's a concealer for you.

With the launch of the Estee Lauder Instant Fix Concealer in the app, it seemed the perfect time to look back on the concealers that never let us down.

Here are five of our faves in the Slapp app.

New to Slapp, this double-ended concealer comes with a skin priming fluid, that brightens the complexion.

This budget beauty is a must have and for £4 this gives fantastic coverage and boasts an incredible shade range.

This is for those who love coverage. Use it to sculpt, highlight or cover. The giant applicator also makes application quick and easy.

The applicator is what makes and breaks this concealer, but the formula is pretty flawless, and great for a quick pick me up.

This was a hard decision (between the Marc Jacobs Retoucher), but this concealer is perfect for a natural looking finish and low key summer days.

  1. Estee Lauder
    Double Wear Instant Fix Concealer
    £ 25
  2. Makeup Revolution
    Conceal + Define Concealer
    £ 4
  3. Too Faced
    Born This Way Super Coverage Concealer
    £ 25
  4. Charlotte Tilbury
    Magic Away Liquid Concealer
    £ 24

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