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Slapp Chat with Beauty Journalist, Eleanor Vousden

If you’ve ever wanted to write for a magazine, Eleanor Vousden may just be your next girl crush. 

The award-winning health and beauty journalist, has written for Wallpaper* Magazine, and ELLE Collections

Formerly Junior Beauty Editor at beauty website PowderEleanor is now a writer for Woman's Own amongst others.

We got chatting to our new favourite Brighton girl about interning, making her own perfumes and chatting with Charlotte Tilbury. 


Eleanor Vousden

Slapp Chat with Eleanor Vousden

Where are you from? 

I’m from Brighton, but I now live in London.

Slapp Chat with Eleanor Vousden

What do you do? 

I’m a health and beauty journalist.

Slapp Chat with Eleanor Vousden

What’s your day-to-day like? 

I currently work as a health writer across various lifestyle magazines at TI Media UK, including Woman&Home and Feel Good You. So I’ll often be writing content on everything from wellbeing and nutrition, to fitness and beauty. 

Slapp Chat with Eleanor Vousden

What was the initial spark that led you to pursue a career in beauty?

Looking back to my childhood, I remember my cousin and I making perfumes with flowers that we picked from my grandmother’s garden (sorry Grandma!)

Ever since, I became obsessed with trying products and formulations and I knew that the beauty industry was where I wanted to be. 

Slapp Chat with Eleanor Vousden

How was it making a name for yourself within such a highly competitive industry? 

I undertook lots of internships while I was at university studying fashion journalism. Getting internships was difficult, and there were many setbacks and learning curves in the beginning. However, I always gave it my all and believed it would all work out in the end. In my final year of uni, I was lucky enough to be offered a job on the beauty website Powder, where I had interned outside of my studies, and I was so excited!

Slapp Chat with Eleanor Vousden

What inspires you about beauty? And how do you go about creating content surrounding beauty?

I love the fun and transformational power of products – not just the on the outside, but the effect they can have on the inside too. 

I’ve always struggled with acne and eczema and the experience has made me really passionate about seeking solutions for those with problematic skin. 

A great part of my job is having the opportunity to interview dermatologists and doctors and sharing their knowledge in my articles.

Slapp Chat with Eleanor Vousden

What has been your greatest achievement in your career so far?

I was highly commended at the BSME Talent Awards for my work on Powder, where I was writing beauty content, managing the social media channels and email newsletters. Getting to meet industry greats: Charlotte Tilbury and Val Garland, are also career highlights.

Slapp Chat with Eleanor Vousden

What advice would you give to other girls and guys looking to get into creative industries?

Don’t stop and never give up.

Slapp Chat with Eleanor Vousden

What are your experiences of diversity in the industry? 

There’s still work to be done. Beauty is for everyone and the wider range of voices we have in the media, the richer the industry will become. 

Slapp Chat with Eleanor Vousden

What inspires you?

I love reading, listening to podcasts and watching documentaries. I recently read Jo Malone’s autobiography and it was an incredible read about how she broke into the industry, made a name for herself and overcame life’s hurdles.

Slapp Chat with Eleanor Vousden

Who is your beauty muse?

My grandma. She’s 80 years old and has amazing skin – I’m hoping I’ve inherited her good genes.

Slapp Chat with Eleanor Vousden

How do you stay healthy, body and mind?

I love to run. I ran the Brighton Marathon this year and during my training I found that pounding the pavements with my music on creates an almost meditative state. After a run, no matter how bad I felt before, I feel brand new. That said, some days only a spoonful of peanut butter, a sheet mask and Netflix will do.

Slapp Chat with Eleanor Vousden

Beauty is...

Being comfortable in yourself.

Would you share an early beauty memory with us?

I remember the transition from collecting all of the Lip Smackers lip balm flavours to purchasing my first Lancôme Juicy Tube Lip Gloss in Melon. I felt so grown up. 

Slapp Chat with Eleanor Vousden

What’s your signature beauty look?

Bronzed skin and a brown smoky eye is my go-to. 

Slapp Chat with Eleanor Vousden

Is there anything you loved as a young woman that inspired you to break into this industry that still exists today?

Growing up I devoured magazines and I still love thumbing through them now – there’s nothing like it and it’s the perfect antidote to scrolling on your phone.

Slapp Chat with Eleanor Vousden

If you could only Slapp on one beauty product, what would it be?

It would have to be between Caudalie Vine[Activ] Serum or It Cosmetics CC Cream. Both give an incredible glow to the skin.

Slapp Chat with Eleanor Vousden

What’s next for you?

I’m continuing to write and hoping to compete in the 2020 London Marathon. I’ll also be posting more about the beauty products I love on Instagram.

Follow Eleanor (@eleanorvousden). 


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