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Slapp Chat with… Shloka Narang aka the Silk Sneaker

Shloka Narang set up her blog The Silk Sneaker in 2015, to showcase her sense of ‘laid-back luxury. Her blog, Instagram and YouTube offer a helping hand to the modern woman, with simple styling tips on how to rework wardrobe staples and old favourites.

Slapp Chat with… Shloka Narang aka the Silk Sneaker

We caught up with Shloka to talk motivation, making blogging work and the beauty product she can’t live without.

Tell us a little bit about your career journey? What was your first job?

I actually started out as a film major and my first job was in India where I worked on the marketing team at Paramount. I think it’s there I realised my love for marketing which is what really led me to change my degree to business management and marketing! From then on I had a range of jobs at various PR firms or within larger companies in marketing departments! I never dreamed though that I would be a blogger one day and I have to say it’s the best job I could have asked for.

Slapp Chat with Shloka Narang - The Silk Sneaker

What’s your day to day like?

I always start my morning with a coffee and catching up with everything I’ve missed on social media and the news. After that it’s either a morning full of meetings (I love to have morning meetings!) or content creation, followed by strategy sessions, writing out content, planning out collaborations or editing videos. I spend a lot of time on all my content! I sometimes will have afternoon meetings or calls with brands that are not based in the UK. I love to end my day with a workout; right now I’m obsessed with Barre or spinning! 

Slapp Chat with Shloka Narang - The Silk Sneaker

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve experienced so far?

Getting my brand out there and being able to showcase my work in an oversaturated industry and also motivating myself. When you work for yourself, and mainly by yourself, it can be hard to push yourself to keep going when things are tough. 

Slapp Chat with Shloka Narang - The Silk Sneaker

What’s your favourite medium? Do you prefer blogging, YouTube or Instagram?

I don’t think I could choose between the mediums. I love blogging because I love to write and share my story, YouTube I love because I love to film and edit (I’m a huge fan of editing videos and photos; it’s one of my favourite things to do) and I love Instagram because it’s quick and easy content but there are people out there doing the most beautiful things! They are all such different platforms I think it just depends on my mood! 

Slapp Chat with Shloka Narang - The Silk Sneaker

What's your favourite part about the industry?

Being able to meet some amazing like-minded people. I’ve had the opportunity to connect with others who share passions similar to mine and who are all so creative in their own right. I’ve made some of my most valued friendships through my journey as well. 

Slapp Chat with Shloka Narang - The Silk Sneaker

Something you would change?

We talk a lot about feminism, but I still see women bringing women down. I think the world would be an amazing place if we all brought each other up. We are all in this together, there’s room for each and every one of us and we can all grow, together. 

Slapp Chat with Shloka Narang - The Silk Sneaker

What is your experience of diversity in the industry?

Although we are in 2019, I still feel like diversity is something our industry is battling with. I almost find it crazy that brands highlight how they have so many different shades of foundation when in reality, women are all different colours, so shouldn’t it have started that way in the first place? I don’t feel totally negative about it, there are brands and influencers in our industry who are pushing the boundaries and really showcasing how diversity is an important necessity for the industry, but I do feel we still have a while to go. 

Slapp Chat with Shloka Narang - The Silk Sneaker

How do you stay healthy body and mind?

A huge part of my job is social media, and there are days when I can’t bear to stare at my phone anymore. I like to give myself regular breaks and have a set time where I wind down for the day. It helps me to unwind mentally! I also find working out to be a great way of keeping me feeling active and positive! 

Slapp Chat with Shloka Narang - The Silk Sneaker

What is beautiful to you?

It might sound cliché, but I really believe that beauty begins from within. Beautiful is channelling feelings of positivity and happiness in your soul; that’s what reflects on the outside. 

Slapp Chat with Shloka Narang - The Silk Sneaker

If you could only Slapp on one product what would it be?

Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter (available in the Slapp app). When I’m in a real rush I literally just brush some of this on and it instantly gives my complexion a beautiful glow, while covering up any problem spots! A must have. 

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